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In much the same way that street style outside the tents has slowly become as inspirational as the fashion on the runways, music festival style has become a subject of fascination for both fashion fans and casual concert-goers alike. From denim separates and statement scarves to rugged boots and fedoras, “festival style” is now a category in the same vein as “cocktail style” or “weekend style.”In Austin, fans of tech, film, and music all converge over a two-week period for the South by Southwest (a.k.a., SXSW) festival. On the streets, cowboy boots abounded, but the best looks were more than just Western-inspired: prints, vintage-inspired pieces, and bold color played major roles in terms of the week’s style fake hermes belts , as did some of the season’s bigger trends like bold stripes and crop tops.Here, see some of the best street style looks we spotted at SXSW. Which one is your favorite?For more information about our relationship with Express click here:A� 0Thoughts?1 of 28Click through our gallery to see some of the most stylish street style looks from Austin during SXSW!Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comA bright sweater combined with a bold lip makes for a seriously chic festival look.Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comA glamorous skirt is toughened up by a leather jacket.Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comA modern dress plus cowboy boots equals updated Texas style.Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comBringing Brooklyn style to Texas with these sporty kicks and thick-rimmed glasses.Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comWe love how the bright red color of this jacket is reflected in her bright red sunglasses.Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comQuirky-chic mixed prints, topped off with classic aviators.Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comMasculine and feminine influences converge in this ladylike-yet-sporty outfit.Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comThree sporty-meets-hipster looks thealpineapartment , topped off with the greatest accessorya��our new StyleCaster “Style to the People” tote!Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comFrom stripes to camo, the mix of patterns bring this outfit together.Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comEasy, breezy concert style, paired with a festival prerequisite: the cross-body bag.Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comThis eye-catching fashion scarf, with its pastel hues and zig-zag patterns, completely makes this outfit.Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comWe love the combination of textures in this ensemble: ladylike white lace and a graphic, tribal printA�tote.Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comA denim button-up with rolled up short sleeves makes this guy skater chic.Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comA pale metallic skater skirt ups the glitz factor on an otherwise low-key look.Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comDenim on denim: must-have music festival looks.Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comColorful accessories can make even the simplest of black dresses pop.Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comHipster meets preppy with these bright color jeansA�and simple tees.Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comThis combination of bright red and dusty ochre feels so fresh.Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comBold stripes are one of spring’s biggest trends, and this look incorporates the trend to perfection.Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comThis outfit is centered around a strong statement piece: a great, vintage-looking fringe jacket.Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comLet this girl’s cool concert look serve as inspiration for those intimidated by animal print.Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comA great example of how to rock the season’s crop top trend: paired with a printed hi-lo hem skirt.Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comAnother great source of inspiration: a crop top paired with a maxi skirt. Don’t be afraid of bold color!Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comWe love the relaxed sophisticated look this girl sported on top of Austin’s pedicab.Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comWe couldn’t resist this couples shot. Bright colors and patterned tops were all the rage this SXSW.Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comYou can’t go wrong with a dress that has a cinched-waist and a flared skirta��especially rendered in a faded chambray.Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comPrints on prints on prints at South by Southwest in Austin.Photo: Waytao Shing - Shing - www.waytaoshing.comNext slideshow starts in 10sFrank Ocean Ups His FashionCred In New Band Of OutsidersCampaign


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Street Style at SXSW: Prints, Denim, and Yes, Cowboy Boots

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