But from a physics standpoint

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moncler coats Ok, so your mass is spread all over your body, pretty unevenly because of your limbs and different body parts. But from a physics standpoint, you still have a center of mass (like the middle order depoprovera online. of a balanced scale, or the middle of a horizontal seesaw). Center moncler sale online of gravity is the same thing since gravity is pulling moncler outlet store on your center of mass. When discount moncler jackets you standing up, your center of gravity has to be between your feet. Gravity is pulling down, put it pulling down somewhere between your feet, and your feet can push moncler womens jackets back, keeping you up. If your center of gravity moves outside your feet, your feet can no longer cancel out the cheap moncler jackets mens pull of gravity and you tip over. moncler coats

cheap moncler Now, as for a low center of gravity, it harder to tip over because your center of gravity is less likely to move outside your feet. If you start uk moncler sale to tip over, your center of gravity will be outside your feet sooner if it higher up moncler outlet online your body. If you know some math, it probably something like: cheap moncler

moncler jackets cheap You know how sometimes you need to pee, and can And you try to imagine a babbling brook, or a waterfall, and that helps you to break the seal and let loose? Well, I somehow managed to train myself to respond to Only You by the Platters, as a result of singing it to myself under my breath when trying to get things started. I trust very few people in my moncler outlet prices day to day life with this information, because a) I understand it weird, and b) my friends are assholes and will sing it to me and make me moncler sale need to go. moncler jackets cheap

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Moncler Factory Outlet My family has a heap of crazy stories which involve serious injury or near death experiences. I swear my family has some kind of curse or something. Moncler Factory Outlet

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cheap moncler jackets outlet When moncler online outlet my dad was a little kid, he was stabbed in the eye with a fountain pen by his brother. My dad was rushed to hospital and they managed to save his eye. His vision is just fine in both eyes and all that left of the incident is a small mark on his iris. cheap moncler jackets outlet

buy moncler jackets toronto When my mum moncler outlet woodbury was 5, she cheap moncler jackets was playing in an area of a paddock moncler online store that was filled with soft dirt (my mum grew up on a farm) when a telephone pole fell down and struck her on the neck. My grandfather quickly rushed her moncler outlet to moncler usa the nearest hospital and my mum somehow managed to survive with barely any moncler sale outlet issues. Nowadays, she can walk just fine but she attributes her bad posture to the incident. buy moncler jackets toronto

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