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Despite the differences between the two countries an

100 Million To A Fund Inspired

During an October debate, Trump also told Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, “Saudi Arabia giving $25 million, cheap moncler jackets mens Qatar, all of these countries. You talk about women and women rights? So these moncler usa are people that push gays uk moncler outlet off business off buildings. These moncler womens jackets are people that kill women and treat women horribly. His daughter may not see the cash, but still moncler outlet online her brainchild just got discount moncler jackets 100 million which could have made her look very good. moncler uk outlet Everyone wants their kids to succeed. If your kid project gets moncler sale outlet a big donation, you be happy and thankful, right?The point is he is giving them a huge arms deal while simultaneously they giving huge funds to moncler outlet store something connected to his cheap moncler jackets children. Do you think that cheap moncler sale just a coincidence? Or that they give a shit at all about women?At The same time, he being investigated moncler outlet for corruption in other areas like best moncler jackets Russia, he under criticism for the emoluments clause, and tons moncler sale online of other things. Take all of that together and tell me this is all just the usual president and he doing nothing wrong. “Bilateral relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States began in 1933 when full diplomatic relations were established. Despite the differences between the two countries an ultraconservative Islamic absolute monarchy, and a secular, democratic republic the two countries have been allies. In recent years, the two countries have occasionally been described as having a “Special Relationship” with one another. Former Presidents George W. companies were actively moncler outlet prices engaged and paid handsomely for preparing and administrating the rebuilding of Saudi Arabia. built and administrated numerous military academies, navy moncler outlet woodbury ports, and Air Force military airbases. pursued a policy of building up and training the Saudi military as a more info counterweight to Shiite extremism and revolution following the revolution in Iran. If one was to argue moncler outlet sale that the Saudis curried favor by donating to the Clinton Foundation and the charitable cheap moncler coats mens goals that the Clinton cared about the same argument can be made that by donating to a fund that Ivanka Trump favors they may ingratiate themselves with her father. The comparison still holds up as neither family draws financial benefit from the charitable donation.Personally I don find moncler outlet it particularly moncler sale concerning. cheap moncler jackets womens I more concerned about the eight new business ventures that Trump has founded in Saudi Arabia and how those might impact his policy towards the country, such as leaving Saudi Arabia off his proposed travel ban.”Assuming that Clinton Foundation employees happened to volunteer at the wedding, and were not doing it on their time paid as a Clinton Foundation employee, there is no way it violates the inurement rule,” said Philip T. Hackney, associate law professor at LSU Law Center. “If on the other hand, uk moncler sale of course, moncler online store these employees were paid for that time by the Clinton Foundation, that would likely violate the provision.”Hackney added that “from what I have been able to tell the Foundation is pretty darn well run on the whole and I would not expect to engage in such an egregious violation of basic rules regarding charities.”].

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